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About Us

We are a local family owned business based out of Napa, California and are dedicated to helping create lasting landscapes that enhance the beauty of the Napa Valley. Tom Price, the owner and president of the company, grew up in the Valley and has witnessed first hand its transformation from a sleepy aggricultural community to the world famous wine and entertainment region that it is today. With a lifetime of experience in the landscaping industry and intricate knowledge of the region and its history, climate, and culture, Tom has the knowledge and the know-how to build a better landscape that will thrive in this unique micro-climate.

In addition, Tom's son Wesley also works for the company providing project coordination and management, project estimation, as well as serving as the company's landscape designer, working closely with Tom to collaborate on the designs and create a truly unique landscape design. 


With 5 crews of highly specialized craftsmen, technicians, and experienced laborers, our employees bring the highest level of professionalism and dedication, led by highly skilled and experienced foreman who have 30+ years building, creating, and shaping the landscapes of the Napa Valley and are truly experts in their field.

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