As a fully licensed landscape contractor with over 20 years working in the Napa Valley, we specialize in high-end landscape construction for both residential and commercial clients. With our highly specialized crews of craftsman, we can offer a compelete range of landscape construction services to help realize any vision for a new landscape.


Working closely with our clients, landscape architects, and general contractors, we have helped shape the Napa Valley into the world-renowned region that it is today by building upon the natural beauty of the environment with artful and carefully crafted landscapes that stand the test of time.

With extensive experience planting a plethora of plant species, everything from California native/drought tolerant plants, as well as countless varieties of trees, shrubs, and grasses, we use natures beauty to help create and enhance artful landscape environments.
We specialize in creating drip-irrigation systems that reduce water consumption and use the latest in weather sensing technologies to maximize efficiency while still maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape.
Grading & Drainage
An essential part of new landscape developments that can often go overlooked or done incorecctly, proper grading, drainage, and erosion control can insure that your landscape functions properly during inclimate weather and avoid costly repairs down the road.
Masonry and Stonework
Our dedicated crews of stone masons and concrete specialists have built everything from walls to patios, pizza ovens to bocce ball courts, and everything in between, creating artful installations that will last a lifetime.
Landscape Lighting
Using the latest in LED light fixtures, lighting a landscape can truly enhance and accent the outdoors, providing both a powerful architectural statement as well as increasing a landscapes usability well into the night.
Whether building a custom gate or a steel trellis, we have the capacity to create beautiful steel works that add stunning modern architectural detail to a landscape.
Woodworking is a regular feature in many landscapes and requires a craftsman touch to build a sturdy and reliable product that still maintains an elegant appearance. We have extensive experience building everything from fences to trellises, and sheds to chicken coops to the most precise of specifications.
Concrete Work
Building with concrete is an economical and attractive way to add features to the landscape, but requires a precise skill set and in depth knowledge in order to ensure a quality finish. Our concrete crews are experts at creating concrete patios, walls, pavers, and concrete block construction, adding function, style, and durability to any landscape.
Art/Sculpture Installation
One of our more specialized and unique services, we have an extensive background in installing large scale, valuable art and sculpture pieces that requires extreme precision and a delicate touch to ensure the safety of these valuable investments that create true statements in the landscape.
Large Specimen Tree Planting
When a desire for the 'instant' effect of planting large, fully grown trees into the landscape, we have the capacity and experience to necessary to plant large specimen trees into the landscape, that provide a dramatic and timeless effect overnight.
Design Services
For clients that have a vision for the landscape but don't have anything down on paper or for the client that is in need of inspiration and direction for their landscape, we have comprehensive design services to create a plan for your outdoor space, working directly with you to create the landscape of your dreams.
Consultation Services
If you have an existing landscape and are thinking of making a change but don't know what to do, we can offer consultation services to help get the conversation started and create a plan to build for the future.
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